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Life is full of people who are a source of inspiration for millions of people across the globe, one such lady is Hajra. Hajra is the name of a lady who was born in the city of UAE. She was born to a couple who was quite narrow-minded and did not pray to have a baby girl. She was the eldest child of that couple. Three years after her birth were born her twin brothers who were welcomed by the family whole heartedly.

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1. Name: Hajra

City: Dubai
Religion: Muslim
Staus: Single
Age: 20
Whatsapp number: +971228632पूरा नम्बर देखें

She could feel the discrimination between the two sexes as her brothers were loved and cared for more than anything. Hajra was a quite girl who was very sensitive about herself being a girl and used to stay depressed as even her mother did not love her much. She was only allowed to get education till primary as they had to educate their sons and prepare them for the challenges of life. (Dubai Girls Whatsapp Numbers)

Hajra was a brilliant student who wanted to study more but her father did not allow her saying he will wed her off as soon as he finds a match and spending money on her education was a waste of time and money. As soon as Hajra turned 16 her father wedded he off. (Dubai Girls Whatsapp Numbers)


2 Name: Sana

City: Dubai UAE
Religion: Muslim
Staus: Single
Age: 21
Whatsapp number: +971832932पूरा नम्बर देखें

Sana could not raise her voice and got married. Her husband was a well to do person but after a year of her marriage when she did not get pregnant he started planning for another marriage. Sana handled the matter very wisely and told her husband to go to the doctor and get himself checked, at first he was furious with anger then he decided to get himself checked. (Dubai Girls Whatsapp Numbers)

According to the reports She was importent but Sana did not let him go into depression. She had been studying with the help of books provided by her friend and had gained a lot of knowledge about everything. (Dubai Girls Whatsapp Numbers)